The Arrogant Chicken that Longed to be a Turkey. Α funny fairy Tale for the value of Self-Confidence.: VALUE: SELF-CONFIDENCE Kindle Edition

Specky is an arrogant, scatter-brained chicken who eagerly longs to become a turkey because she is unhappy with the way she looks. In this adventure of transformation she is egged on by Old Mother Turkey, who sends her to the famous physician Dr Smartfeather for the big operation! An enormous surprise awaits her in the Big City, where, instead of being transformed into a fair-feathered turkey, she turns into a haggard old hen! Desperate and deformed she returns to her village. Find out if self-important Specky learns her lesson from her terrible misadventure.
Will she learn to love herself at last, and start a new life?

In the last pages of the book there are topics, games and exercises that can be done in the class with the help of a coordinator or at home with the help of the parents. These activities can help the children improve their self-esteem.

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